Market Data Feed

The leading low latency market data feed provider

Vela's Market Data Feed, SuperFeed, delivers high quality, low-latency normalized market data to access major markets across the globe.

Key features include: 

  • Fully-normalized market data feed, including trading and auction phases, security statuses and trade conditions
  • Over 130 data sources including all major US and European exchanges with a growing number of Asia venues
  • Multi-asset feed including equities, derivatives and most recently cryptocurrencies
  • Support for both top of book and full order book data
  • Built for speed, utilizing direct exchange connections and kernel bypass technology to ensure consistent low-latency
  • Fully redundant deployment ensures complete inter-site resiliency
  • Published via the unified and open source OpenMAMA API
  • APIs support C++, C# and Java and run on Windows and Linux
  • Delivered as-a-Service with zero infrastructure required on client side
  • Available directly from our PoPs or via all major service providers

Vela’s Market Data Feed is delivered as-a-Service, providing access to time-critical market data feeds while lowering operational and capital expenditure and removing the need for infrastructure investment. 

Market data feed provider

low latency market data

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